Diane Lane Breasts

In one of her interviews, Diane Lane said she’d probably quit acting if she were typecast into playing romantically-tied characters or sensual roles, stating she wanted to be an antagonist or a comedian for once. This is utter BS, Diane; you know you were built to bare em all, so why turn your back on us? (and hide your tits from view, to take this strain literally) She’s been acting since she was six, and when she struck legal age, she started popping her tits out in front of the cameras. Who would have thought that a talented little girl cast in various stage productions would grow up and age into a sexy and ravishing actress known for her titty busters?

Believe it or not, the “Diane Lane” in “Diane Lane’s tits” is also rather well-known for being an actress. Her film debut came with A Little Romance at the age of 13. She was successful in escaping the curse of being a child actor by emerging as a relatively well-known grown actress, starring in films such as The Outsiders and Rumble Fish, alongside future A-listers such as Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage. However, Diane is also quite known for appearing in a string of box office failures, two of which were Streets of Fire and The Cotton Club. After a hiatus from acting, obviously from the disappointment of her previous films, she returned to acting with the film Lady Beware, and the TV series Lonesome Dove, which gave her a boost in her career standing. Diane’s appealing sexy factor began to get noticed as she turned from playing younger roles to more mature and risque characters.

At the turn of the new millenium, Diane Lane starred in Unfaithful, which got her multiple nominations for her stellar performance over a bland storyline, including a Satellite Award for Best Actress. In 2008, she starred alongside Richard Gere in the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel, Nights in Rodanthe. Secretariat, her latest project, is set to be released this year.

Of course, I’d bet a whole month’s pay that you didn’t come here for the fancy biography on Diane Lane. It’s not called Diane Lane Breasts for nothing, you know. So get out of this page and start clicking away to feast your eyes on Diane Lane and her tits!