Fake pictures of Diane Lane naked

We would all look like sorry asses if all we depended on for a bit erotic pleasure were straight-edge, censor-approved Hollywood films. Granted, people are loosening up and are actually enjoying nude scenes instead of watching them in theaters with one hand already writing an angry letter to the theater manager with their butts clamped tight in indignation. Luckily, the generation of hypocritical shut-ins who still think missionary sex is cool is dying out, so the world in now being populated by more liberal-minded individuals, well-represented in both genders, so-distinctly termed perverts (men) and sluts (women). But I digress. Thank god it’s not only movies that we turn to when we’re looking for something to jack off to and release tension, or, again, we’d all be delinquents in the form of stoners, murderers, or worse, politicians. That said, here’s an alternative for your ball-sac shriveling movie chapter surfings: fake naked pictures of Diane Lane, looking actually naked and happy about it.

If Diane Lane’s naked body were actually shot minus the dim mood lights, the distracting curl of the smoke machine, and annoying cuts and angles by the cameraman, this is what she would look like. And, if Diane Lane’s naked body were crouched over your throbbing cock, with her hand wrapped around it and pumping you for your share of cum, this is what she would look like. And if pictures of Diane Lane’s naked body were compiled handy for you and your cock’s enjoyment, this is what you should do: click.

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